Sunsuper Riverfire 2016

Well, thats it for another year.

The Sunsuper Riverfire was a fantastic end to the Brisbane Festival.  Every vantage point around Brisbane, soon filled up with spectators eager to grab their spot, for the afternoon and evening spectacle of helicopters, jets and of course the fireworks.

My day started around 10am with fellow photog Nino Lo Giudice, who had been holding a spot on the South end of the parklands since 8am. We had unobstructed views of the city and firework pontoons.

By early afternoon, most of the prime spots for taking photos had been taken up by tripods and shade tents. I’ve already posted some shots on my Instagram and Facebook accounts, but here are few others from the day.

Thanks also to Fabian Wentz, from Germany for the last photo of me.  He also has a blog with great photos, of his time in Brisbane.

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