Brisbane Street Photos in the rain

Other than Brisbane cityscapes and landscapes, I love taking street photos in the rain. Specifically of people and their umbrellas. I find taking photos of people in the rain much easier, as I think they are more intersted in keeping dry than worrying about some guy tring to take thier photo.

I use a couple of different techniques when doing street photography. I either just walk the streets looking for interesting characters or colourful umbrellas and wait for them to come into my shot. Or alternatively if its raining quite heavily, I'll hang out on street corners that have some shelter and a lot of pedestrian traffic and again wait for them to come to me.

Whilst I do have the more compact Fuji X100T, I still prefer to shoot with my Canon 5D Markiii and the Sigma 50mm Art lens. I think having a bigger lens hood and being weather sealed makes it a better choice.