The Brisbane EKKA is here once again, the 140th year in fact. The EKKA kicked off yesterday and runs until August 20th.

I have only been to the EKKA 4 or 5 times myself, last year with my son and the other times with work. This afternoon I took my youngest son again and my youngest daughter, it was her first time.

We entered via the new entrance at Gregory Terrace, beside the Old Museum. Part of the show is actually in and around the museum. Take note though, if you want to skip this section, make a hard right pretty much as soon as you get in, as you will come to a dead end if you continue inside the museum grounds.

We wondered around inside the show and soon made our way to where all the rides are. It was still daylight and after watching a few rides decided to make our way through the crowds to the showbag pavillion. It was packed and after having a walk around decided to come back at the end of the night.

After an expensive bite to eat, we made our way to see some of the animals on show. The kids loved the smell. Followed by a walk through some of the inside stalls and back up Gregory Terrace back to the rides.

It was dark by this time and watched a few more rides before I had a weak moment and allowed the kids to play some of the ball games etc. I also had a go at hanging by my hands from a bar, to see if I could last for 2 minutes, sadly my hands gave way at 51 seconds. We then hopped on the ferris wheel and were lucky enough to catch the fireworks whilst stopped at the top.

With the kids feet hurting, my wallet feeling rather empty, it was time to call for our taxi home. That would be my wife of course, as I had no more money left and I dont do public transport.

Here are some of the photos.