Scenic Rim Camping

I used to go camping a fair bit, but over the last few years a busy life has taken over. I said last year, that instead of weeks away we needed to just get away for short breaks. It wasn't until a few weeks back, when I went camping to Lake Moogerah with a group of people from Ozshot Magazine, that I remembered what it was like to relax in the country, look up at the awesome night sky and really just take a break from normal day to day working life.


Lake Moogerah

Camping trip and first time photographing the milky way.

2 weeks later and I headed off again to Lake Moogerah, this time with my wife and 2 youngest children. On the previous trip I was blown away, not only with seeing the milky way with my own eyes, but with the experience of photographing the milkyway for the first time. I knew on this trip with the kids the moon would be out and the sky wouldn't be as clear, but the kids were dying to go camping as well.

I finished work early on the Friday and packed the Discovery with all the camping gear I had organised throughout the week. We headed off around 3PM for Lake Moogerah Caravan Park, which I had booked earlier in the week. I find it strange that they have no online booking or payment facility, with booking simply made using an online email form, to which they reply confirming your booking.  For 2 adults and 2 kids it cost $66 for the 2 nights.

We arrived around 4:30PM after making a quick stop at the local Aratula Hotel for a couple bottles of red.

I've gone full circle as far as camping gear goes, starting with a tent, then a small camper trailer, to an off road Jayco camper trailer and back to a cheap 4 man, Coleman popup tent. The trailers were good, but for short weekends away, valuable time is taken up, setting the camp up and then taking it down. 

Our equipment consisted of the popup tent, sleeping bags, blow up mattresses, a 2 burner gas stove, 4 chairs, a small table and simple food provisions for our long weekend. We were fully setup in 20 minutes.


20 minutes setup

Even though its sold as a 4 man tent, we've decided to get another to make it more comfortable.

After our dinner, consisting of hamburgers we all went for a walk in the dark around the lake, the moon made it so much easier to see where you were going compared to my last visit here. In fact the last time I was here I met a guy called Phil, who gave me tips on shooting the milky way, we spent quite a few hours together from before midnight until around 1am and to this day I have no idea what he looks like other than I know he has a beard that was illuminated each time he reviewed his image on the camera.  That's how dark it was.

The rest of the weekend was pretty eventful, which I will show you below in a series of photos in chronological order.