Sunflowers in Cambooya

On the last day of the School holidays I decided to take my 2 youngest kids to see the sunflowers in Cambooya, a rural town 20 km south-west of Toowoomba.  Little did they know they were also going to be my models.  

The car trip took just over 2 hours with us arriving around 4:30PM at the turn off to Cambooya, just off the New England highway. There were quite a few cars and a few people in amongst the sunflowers, which surprised me a little as there is a barbed wire fence separating the field from the roadside. I am not sure what the farmers think about the public traipsing through their fields, but right or wrong I reluctantly joined the hoards and shot a few photos of the kids. I just hope that everyone treats the farm and the farmers with respect and leaves it as they found it.

With it being a little too early for sunset we headed off up towards the town of Cambooya to see if there were other fields with sunflowers.  There wasn't, but my Father in Law was camped close-by in his motorhome, in the town of Nobby and was offering a cup of coffee, so we headed there for a while before returning to capture some more sunflower photos during sunset.

Here are a few from our adventure...