Vintage Camera Collection

I've been collecting vintage cameras for a number of years now and decided it was time again photograph the collection. As well as still cameras I have a couple of movie cameras, light meters, and an old photographers log book from 1928. 

The last photo set I went with the classic white background and with perspex reflective base board.  This time around I still used the white background but omitted the perspex, but I think this was a mistake that I will fix up the next time I decide to re-shoot them.  I just think having the reflection of the camera gives the photo a bit more sophistication and an overall more professional look.

The older camera I have in the collection is the NO. 2 Folding Autographic Brownie first launched in 1915 until 1926. This particular camera was produced in Rochester, NY with a serial number of 10680, it has square edges which were changed to round in 1917, making this camera one of the earlier of this type produced and now around 100 years old. 

The most recent purchase was an Olympus OM-1n 35mm Single Reflex Camera produced in 1978, it's in mint condition and fully operational. Just yesterday I dropped off my first film to get developed, not sure how they will turn out but I am excited to see the results.

Here is what I have collect so far starting with the oldest manufactured camera or related accessory to the newest.