100Mbps to 30Mbps NBN Downgrade

Recently in the news it was reported that Australia's broadband is slower than Kazakhstan's. Luckily for me, at least for the moment, my cable internet speed has been pretty good. I regularly achieve speeds of 50Mbps and a test done just now reports it at 107.96Mbps and faster than 89% of Australia.


Waiting for me when I got home this afternoon was a letter from Telstra advising that my home is ready to connect to the NBN and also stating that my monthly bill won't change.  What?! Given all the news about NBN and the issues everyone is having I am very reluctant to change.

I rang the 1800 008 846 number to get clarification as to when the cable network is to be disconnected as well as what speed I am likely to get. 

My questions answered

1. Do I have to change to the NBN?

Yes, the cable network will no longer be available

2. When do I have to do this by?

Feb 2019 (At least I have a year of good speeds I guess)

3. What is the maximum speed achievable on my plan?

Because I would be getting connected via FTTN (Fibre to the node) the maximum line speed cannot be confirmed until it is connected and operational.
Typical speeds between 7PM-11PM 60Mbps (download) and 30Mbps (upload)

4. Is there any cost for the upgrade/downgrade?


5. Why would I want to change from cable if you can't guarantee I am going to receive at the very least the equivalent speed and reliability.

The operator of course could not answer this but understood where I was coming from.

It seems that Australia is getting a raw deal and even falling behind far less developed countries. I just hope between now and the time I have to switch the News about the NBN improves.