Brisbane Paracord Camera Straps

My love of cameras has now expanded to camera straps, more specifically hand made paracord camera wrist straps. Whilst I don't personally make them, each and every one available for purchase is made in house by my ever talented wife Karen.  She has spent countless hours scouring through YouTube to learn all the different braids and techniques required.

I've also been scouring the internet in search of suppliers of top quality paracord rope and the different attachments that go into making each wrist strap. I've tried the usual Chinese suppliers and have had quite a few hit and issues with several of the received products ending up straight in the bin.   The main component for the most part has been very good with no issues with what we have received in terms of strength and quality.

We also recently purchase a batch of rope from Atwood Rope MFG in the USA. The factory is owned by the Father of well know YouTube sensation Roman Atwood, also someone I watch on a daily basis. This was by no means the reasoning for buying from here, but they have a reputation for being one of the largest and best rope manufacturers in the USA. We received the rope and can straight away see the difference between the Chinese bought rope and the ones from Atwood Rope. The rope itself is supposedly the same spec we received from China, 550 paracord with 7 inner strands. However the US made product is slightly thicker and courser making it a little harder to work with and also harder on the hands. 

For now we will continue to use both paracord suppliers. However due to the increased cost of the rope and that of shipping from the USA, there is a $2 price difference for each unit.  I have been using the Chinese made paracord wrist straps myself everyday for the last month with no issues what so ever.

We have also included with each strap a plastic removable clip that will enable the straps to both fit a large DSLR camera or a compact type camera. Action cameras and torches can also utilise the same clip and nylon rope.

I welcome any outside reviews of straps purchased, please feel free to add a comment below.