2018 Holi Festival of Colours

Originating in India the Holi Festival of Colours is a traditional Hindu event celebrating the triumph of good over evil. Celebrated all over the world with certain variations, it was perhaps started many hundreds of years ago to colour everyone equal. 

This year the event was held at the Rocks Riverside Park in Seventeen Mile Rocks.  After finding a carpark in an adjoining street I followed the crowd of people to the open area of the park, where quite a large crowd had already gathered in front of the stage.  After a few public addresses the countdown began, the music started playing and the multicultural Brisbane community standing in the park were all alike; covered from head to toe in red, yellow, blue, pink and red.

I skirted around the edges with a long lens for a while, but knew to get any decent images I would have to get into the thick of it. Armed with a plastic bag I changed to my 24-70 and headed into the crowd, it wasn't long before a guy came up to me with both of his hands filled with colour and kindly coated the sides of my face. 

Once you have some colour on you, it's seems to be a sign to others to add some more colour. The atmosphere was amazing with everyone smiling and laughing and thoroughly enjoying the experience. 



After taking a few shots I changed to a film camera, my Olympus OM-1. I struggled with focusing on the fast action happening in front of me, hopefully I've managed to snag a few of the 36 exposures. It will definitely be interesting to see the results.

Feeling a bit hot and thirsty I then headed to the food tents for a couple of vege samosas and a cold drink, before returning to the action to take a few more shots. I headed back to my car after another 3o minutes and laid out a towel on my car seat for the colourful trip home


Clean Up

My camera equipment faired pretty good and only required some light cleaning.  My clothes and skin on the other hand needed some extensive cleaning, with some stubborn spots of red still on my skin after a shower.