Last Minute Hike up Mount Cordeaux

Around lunch time on Easter Monday I was getting rather bored, so I googled for destinations close to home that I could explore. I decided upon Mount Mitchell and then hurredly started packing my camera gear into my f-stop gear backpack, along with a torch, 2 water bladders, first aid kit, rain jacket, umbrella and some snacks.  After trying to unsuccesfully persuade my kids to join me, I left just after 1PM for the 1 and a 1/2 hour drive towards Cunningham's Gap.

I arrived at the car park at the top of the gap around 2:20PM and headed to the map where I then decided to hike to Mount Cordeaux instead of Mount Mitchell.

It took me around an hour and 20 hiking through the dense forest and muddy track to reach the lookout at the top. The hike itself was quite easy, even with carrying a heavy backpack and tripod. This was only the second time I had used my f-stop gear backpack which was fantastic, it is designed to place most of the weight on your hips and waist, rather than your shoulders.  The one that I have is called the Tilopa I also use the large Pro ICU.

Once at the top I quickly setup my tripod to capture a double rainbow and the rain cells that were heading my way from 2 fronts. In my haste to leave I forgot to bring the remote trigger, which made it a little challenging whilst perched on the side of a sheer drop to run to my spot within the 10 second timer. 

I also brought along my Canon AE-1 film camera and managed to get quite a few compositions utilising both of my cameras.

The rain looked like it was closing in and since the track was already wet and slippery I decided to pack up and make my way down.  With about 30 minutes to go the heavens opened up and the light under the trees slowly disappeared. I grabbed my little popup umbrella and along with my torch slowly made my way back to the car in the pouring rain and mud.

The F-Stop bag faired well in the rain, however for piece and mind my next purchase will be a rain cover to suit.

Here are a few of the shots I like.