Eat Street Northshore

Having heard a lot of good things about Eat Street Northshore, my wife and I ventured out for the first time last Sunday and was pleasantly surprised how good it was.  Absolutely loved the whole concept and the myriad of food choices available. One thing that did surprise me was the number of cash only outlets. There were several ATM's available, but of course charging an exorbitant $3 or more per transaction.

We only planned to stay for some lunch but after eating lunch we sat and listened to one band for a while and then bumped into a band member from The Colt Seavers Band that I've met several times before while taking photos for the Brooklyn Standard. I'd actually never really sat and listened to their music before as I was working, so we ordered some dinner and enjoyed their 2 hour set. I of course could'nt help but take some photos.

Here are a few from our afternoon/evening.